Music & Video Production


Indie, Alternative, Rock

The music we love

Open to many styles, but specialised on indie rock music.

Our priority is to bring the best of us.

By only doing what we love, we can achieve more.

Wicked Girl
Check Metrophobia YouTube Channel for examples

Music Video

Disconnect Me
Check Metrophobia YouTube Channel for examples

Showcase you music

Visual presence is key

From your mind to our eyes.

Add another dimension to your music.


We can help you

Talent is everywhere

Bring a raw idea of a song.

We will work together to make it sound great.

Photo by Austin Prock on Unsplash


Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

From Good to Great

Arrangements, to add quality

A new riff to make the song stand out.

Melody and noise, right where it's supposed to be.


Mixing, Mastering

From demo to album

Full production or final touch.

From the initial idea, to the final release.

Photo by Gritte on Unsplash